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We started as a Research and Development company back in the year 2002, which consists of only programmers from both Microsoft and Linux capabilities, focusing on the Datacenter solution, software development, Mobile Payment solution, and Global Messaging solution. To sustain the company, our team has been more involving in web development & design project, as well as the IT outsourcing partner for our business partners. We are focusing on web-based software development. In 2003, our team has focused more on customised web-based software development such as E-commerce system, Content Management System (CMS), and in-house intranet system development for our corporate clients. By having the strong programming and database knowledge fundamental, EVERWORKS™ is differentiating ourselves in assisting our client with general programming-related problems involving ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic.NET, Visual Studio.NET, JSP, J2ME and more.


Moving to SMS and Mobile Technologies

Early 2003, our business partner has been giving us the opportunities to involve on some web application development that required Premium SMS (PSMS) technologies, and our first challenge is to develop an unified SMS billing gateway with all local Telcos in Malaysia included Maxis, Celcom, and DiGi. On server hosting, EVERWORKS™ is also appointed to integrate the entire SMS gateway platform and to meet all required Telcos network specification. In mid of 2003, our team has started the research to develop J2ME application for mobile phone. Today, EVERWORKS™ has developed several of mobile application like Caf Ordering System, Stock Ordering System, and Sales Tracking Management System running on Window Mobile and Nokia mobile platform.


We developed Our Global SMS Broadcasting Network

In 2004, EVERWORKS™ has started to offer Global SMS Broadcasting services that integrated with our partners’ messaging network in delivering SMS, and this service is especially useful for companies or individuals in marketing, advertising, promotions, announcements and disseminating public information. Today, EVERWORKS™ owns one of the fastest growing, best equipped and most powerful SMS Delivery Gateway in the market today. Our carrier grade system can process in excess of 200 SMS every second, and all our SMS gateway servers are hosted in our world-class datacenter in connecting to each local and oversea Telcos with Service Level Guarantee. Furthermore, we offer our reseller an instant messaging platform with single interface to over 300 mobile networks that making possible for you to communicate and reach your clients efficiently without the limitation of geographical boundaries.


Boost Our Server Hosting Business with A Good Partnership with Jaring

In 2005, we have signed the contract with JARING Communications Sdn. Bhd to offer advanced hosting solution included Server Colocation and Dedicated Server solution to our corporate client. JARING pioneered the main gateway of Internet access in Malaysia, and has consistently expands its world class network infrastructure in this competitive industry. Initially, we started the business with only one rack in Jaring and it’s especially hosting for our software clients as part of our value-added and complimentary services. Also, EVERWORKS™ have successfully to secure the project from Media Prima Berhad to manage and host all existing critical servers like TV3, 8TV, HOTFM, and etc. Media Prima Berhad (MPB), the leading integrated media investment group in Malaysia, and is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia (the Malaysian Stock Exchange).


Granted Our MCMC License, and secured the SMS Contest for Germany World Cup 2006

In 2006, EVERWORKS™ have been granted by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in providing the regulated Premium SMS (PSMS) services in Malaysia, and successfully to launch our first unified SMS Short code, 33886 with Maxis, Celcom, and DiGi. Furthermore, 2006 Germany World Cup will be the biggest event for EVERWORKS™, and it’s among the biggest SMS contest throughout the nation in 2006. EVERWORKS™ has been appointed by our customer, the event organizer as the key technology & messaging partner to develop the SMS software, host the mobile server, and manage the SMS billing gateway.


Expanded to Thailand (Interchan (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)


i-GoMobile The largest SMS Business Community in Malaysia

EVERWORKS™ is produced another outstanding product, i-GoMobile Business Network in 2008, and it has grown to become the largest SMS Business Community in Malaysia that holding more than 3000 active merchants. i-GoMobile Business Network provides our merchant the easiest and fastest One-Stop-Solution to mobilise your mobility ideas ranging from business, marketing or entertainment point of view, by providing our merchant All-You-Need components & infrastructures to start your mobile business in few minutes. Until today, thousand of merchant is redeem their SMS revenue through i-GoMobile Business Network.


EVERWORKS™ – Malaysia’s first IVR Helpdesk System

2009 is a another big jump for EVERWORKS™ Mobile hosting business. This year, EVERWORKS™ are managing more than 10 premium SMS short code over our mobile transaction network, and hit the record of 10 million SMS being processed by our gateway. Due to the tremendous increase of our messaging traffic, and to maintain our quality of customer services, we have quickly invested in building a purpose-made IVR Helpdesk System to serve our customers better. With this implementation, EVERWORKS™ has again become another the first and the only SMS provider in Malaysia to provide the “Call-to-Stop’ unsubscribe service via IVR system.


EVERWORKS™ – Granted MSC Status by the Government and participated MMCP

EVERWORKS™ has finally been granted MSC Status by the Government in mid of 2010. The MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) is South East Asia’s version of Silicon Valley, companies applying will have to pass a strict qualifying criterion, in which the organization’s capabilities, vision, financial strength, development of local staff, technical innovations, business planning and potential contribution to the development of Malaysia. To better serve our clients in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia, we have also established a branch office in Penang on September 2010. Furthermore, EVERWORKS™ has participated to MMCP (Malaysian Mobile Content Providers Association) as one of the Ordinary Members to support the growth mobile content market in Malaysia. The objective of the Association is to protect CPs interest, while ensuring consumers are protected as well.


We achieve THREE important goals!

2011 is an important year for EVERWORKS™ ‘s datacenter business, we have achieved 3 important goals to further differentia EVERWORKS™ with other competitors, as well as to reposition us as another important datacenter hosting player in market. First, APNIC (Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre) has approved our membership and allocated our own internet IP to further expand our network infrastructure. Second, EVERWORKS™ has signed a long term : EVERWORKS™ Private Cage, EVERWORKS™ IP Address Member of APNIC, Acquire Eznet, Penang Sales Office.


Expanded 2nd Containtment in CX2 Cyberjaya




sri petaling office, additional ipv4 blocks from apnic (expansion) / Expanded to VietNam.


pfcc branch office, online billing system

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